November 27, 2012

I suppose I’ll wittily name my last blog post of my travels ‘The End’ but yes, this is the beginning of my travels.  I left San Francisco around 11am on Sunday and spent about 35 hours traveling to get to a town in Bali, Indonesia called Ubud.

I’m a professional when it comes to sleeping on planes, and that’s just what I did.  I was lucky enough to have the seats next to me open and gladly sprawled out to slept for the majority of my flights.  In between it all I had a stop-over in Tokyo and Singapore both of which are incredibly accommodating airports. I made it a point to stop in the bathrooms in Tokyo to refresh myself on their bidet which offers a wide range of options; pressure, temperature, and odor control. Nice.

Its hard to grasp the size of Singapore airport unless you’ve been there.  The airport has three very large terminals which are abundant in plant life that wouldn’t make you think you’re at an airport at all. I felt very much at ease.  I took advantage of their free movie theatre and spent a few hours watching The Lorax during my 6hr layover.  To say the least it’s one of my favorite airports.

After arriving in Bali I took an hour long taxi to Ubud and took the first guesthouse I found without much hesitance.  Ubud is relatively relaxing and is lush with plant life, rice fields, culture, yoga, and incredible food. I’ll be happy to stay on the ground for a few days and assimilate here before moving onto other ventures. Today is my second day here and I intend to rent a bicycle and venture the rest of the town.  Mary and Pete both arrive on the 1st and I’ll be happy to have some familiar faces here.

Bidet it Tokyo Airportinside Singapore's airport terminalView of singapore airport towerCloud formations from airplaneResting in Ubudreading in Ubud Bali, Indonesia


Until next time