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December 07, 2014

I would like to live
Like a river flows
Carried by the surprise,
Of its own unfolding
-John O’Donohue

old wood yosemite

sierraville california rainbow



pt reyes california hiking

pt reyes california forrest moss



November 16, 2012

I’ve quit my full time job and career of 7-years to pursue a path that is more in-line with my spirit and heart. I’m a bit frightened about the change, but I’ve never gotten anywhere without pushing out of my comfort zone once in a while. With risk comes reward…right?

In just over a week I’ll be leaving for Indonesia and backpacking throughout SE Asia, Nepal, and India for an indefinite amount of time. One-way ticket. I hope to re-connect with a deeper part of myself during this time which sometimes feels cliché…mid-twenties something male going adventuring on his own in the far-east…But I truly feel that I need to press the reset button, and disconnect from my current day to day life, and reconnect with a deeper part of myself that feels like it’ll get buried away if I don’t pursue it.

Life is full of infinite possibilities, and we have a finite amount of time to choose the life we want. Make it everything you want it to be.

Portrait in yosemite on laptop

July 22, 2012

Yosemite night sky

milky way stars in yosemite valley