Life is a notebook

Life is the notebook I left on the edge of my desk, with my window wide open. It’s pages don’t only get filled with my words. As long as my window stays open, life’s pages get spontaneously caressed by changes in the wind…

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Brian Vogelgesang
Begin again

...give what you most deeply desire to give,
every moment you are choosing to live,
or you are waiting.

why would a flower hesitate to open?
now is the only moment.
rain drop let go
become the ocean.

possibility is as wide
as the space
we create
to hold it.

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Brian Vogelgesang
A liminal space

A liminal space: the place of transition, waiting, and not knowing. Truthfully, this is where I sit right now. A place of not knowing what the right direction is. Can I be so quiet as to listen to my heart, my body, and feel? The past 6-months have been a flurry of diving into work, work that I love and have chosen to dive into…

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We are so blessed. We are so loved.

I've been home for 3-months now, but I still feel like I'm traveling. This is a good sign. I've landed this ship with ease, and with so much thanks to the incredible amount of support I've received from from close friends and family. The bay is a wonderful place to call home…

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