Slowness is the key

Stillness...everywhere, always. Nowhere to go, nothing that has to be done. Always here. Perfect, brilliant, stillness. Here are the directions: take the pathless path till you find the gateless gate that swings open to reveal what was never hidden and never on the other side.

There's a blanket of peace that I've been finding rest in this past month. A peace that everything is as it should be. A tangible feeling and understanding that this peace, stillness, God, whatever you want to call it, rests in all of us. Is all of us. That there is no search that needs to be carried out, that there is no teacher that needs to be found, that there is nothing that needs to be done. Its right here, this very moment. Can you dig it? "Be still, who is the 'I' that Is, in stillness?"

Rumi says "and when you're looking for God, God is in the look of your eye, in the thought of your looking, and closer to your Self than yourself. No need to go outside."

And with this feeling I've been taking it slow. Deepening the journey inside. Radiating love on the outside. Being grateful...grateful for my food, grateful for the teachers I meet along the way, grateful for the challenges, grateful for ease. The time I've spent this past month has been rich and slow. The moments come back in little snapshots; bathing in the ganges in rishikesh, attending satsangs with a beautiful soul who goes by Mooji, living in a pyramid, charras, symbolizing another year of life by shaving my head, feeling close to those who are far away, yoga, mountains, meditation, books...lots of books and chess.

I don't have many photos to post...not that I'm uninspired, and not that I haven't been to places I want to share. There's a rule that I follow with photography: Either be in the moment, or capture the moment...don't try to do both. So below are a few scattered photos from Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Mcleaod Ganj, Dharamkot (all in India), and lastly Buddhanilkantha, Nepal where I currently am for the next 6-weeks.

"Be like melting snow...wash thyself of thyself" Rumi